The Wedge Sneaker Review, Rock It or Stop It

Wedge Sneakers by Nike, Zara, Target and Ash

The Wedge Sneaker Review, Rock It or Stop It

Unfortunately, we never got to try the Nike wedge! Ordering from Macy’s was, once again, a bust. Not sure why we even bothered. Our last online order was at least 4 years ago. It appeared over a month later, by that time I had completely forgotten what we ordered, and a few items were cancelled.

Well, this go around was just as disappointing. About three days after the order was placed Macy’s sent an email stating the item was out of inventory. Whatever! We won't be online shopping there again.

The Zara wedges were delivered first, and they are super cute! The look is more high top sneaker than bootie and adorable….but, major problem! They run small and don’t come in half sizes.

I never thought I’d consider wedge sneakers until the other day when I spotted a very stylish woman at the super market looking terribly chic in black Nike wedge sneakers faux leather leggings and an over sized knit.

She looked comfortable and very stylish while running her weekend errands. But I’m wondering…how comfortable are wedge sneakers? Well there’s only one way to find out! I’m sampling a range from $30 at Target to $235 from Neiman Marcus (thank goodness these are 40% off Black Friday).


For starters we were shocked at how similar the Target and Ash wedges are in appearance!

Both are equally comfortable with slight differences that make Ash less high top and more bootie, my Hobbit loving boyfriend referred to them as elf boots, they have thin extra-long laces that wrap twice around the ankle, thinner sole and the tongue is suede…not the puffy synthetic material used on sneakers.

  • Kitley High top from Target
  • Bowie Suede Wedge Sneaker by Ash
  • Can you tell the difference between Target and Ash?

It was a tossup between Target and Ash but ultimately I choose the Bowie Suede sneakers. The more boot like appearance can pass at the office. I’ve worn them many times on casual Friday’s and no one was the wiser.

Other outfits include a miniskirt and tights, skinny jeans (doesn’t look right with matchstick), and long ribbed tube dress. Overall wedge sneaks are a must have. They are unbelievably comfortable, stylish and easy to walk in. You will have no issue running weekend errands in these!

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