Wear More Skirts

Save the pants for casual fridays

When I look around the office I see most women wearing pants. Why is that?

Skirts are much more comfortable to wear than pants and way more flattering. The right shaped skirt will change and balance your overall body shape, and not to mention make your butt look better.

What shaped skirt is best for your body shape?

  • Pear – you look best in A-line
  • Hourglass – high waisted or flared will accentuate your tiny waistline
  • Banana – we like you in pencils or straight skirts
  • Apple – mini or skater

If you want to be treated like a lady wear a skirt. When I have a difficult day ahead I always dress super feminine. I find that most people will usually treat a lady with respect and will want to support her.

Skirts aren’t just for special occasions and we’d like to see all our ladies wear more skirts!


Accessorized for Office Chic, Chanel jewelry is worth the investment. You will never get tired of these earrings and they instantly elevate any outfit.

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Floral Skirt with Lace Blouse

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  • 8-23-2015 1-00-04 PM

Monochromatic means all color tones in a single hue. We love this tip because it makes any outfit look more expensive and sophisticated especially when layered with texture.

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Click here to shop this chocolate mini skirt also by Zara $70

Belt it! When it comes to accessories a good belt is difficult to find but can seriously change an outfit. Always be on the look out for a belt.

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  • Belt it
  • Emerald Skirt by Zara
Distressed Denim Skirt by Zara
Distressed Denim Skirt

Casual doesn't mean sloppy! Check out this outfit...simple, budget friendly, and very chic. This is a perfectly comfy weekend chic look. Save on the clothes and put your cash where it counts like on these Sexy Thing Cutout wedges...love love love!

Casual Jacquard Skirt

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Aquazzura	 Sexy Thing Cutout Wedge Sandal, Black
Jacquard Skirt

  • Striped Skirt by Zara
  • Striped Skirt
  • Striped Skirt

The high waist on this skirt is very flattering. Shop this striped skirt by Zara for only $40 

We paired this skirt with a pop of pink, sandals by Aquazzura in a manageable heel. Shop this look here.

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