Hair Secrets Revealed How to Extend Your Blow Out

Kassie Crozer, Stylist at Holiday Salon in Costa Mesa California

A good hair routine begins with a professional blowout and at a cost of $40 to $50 we definitely want it to last. Yes, it’s costly but your hair will look fabulous and it will save tons of time getting ready every morning.

A good blow out will definitely last days, but after day 1 its product time. Here are our key product recommendations...

Yes you need this

Bumble and bumble thickening hairspray, solution is high in alcohol content so it dries quickly and absorbs excess oil. Spray at roots in the morning
BB Thickening Hairspray
V.I.P by Kerastase is an excellent dry shampoo. Apply all over. It creates volume and smells great
VIP volume spray
BB Thickening Hairspray

Dry shampoo creates texture and lets hairs grab onto each other. This is essential for a poufy ponytail.

prevent Bed head
Remove bed head

If you have long hair don’t lay on it when sleeping. That will create creases. Instead place it above your head on your pillow or use a soft hair tie that won’t create dents and loosely tie on top of the head.

Use Bumble and bumble thickening hairspray at the root of bed head affected areas. Apply liberally. Once the area is moist work in the product with your fingers, then hit it with a blow dryer. One to two minutes should do it, the thickening spray dries quickly. This will remove bed head and excess oil.

Healthy hair isn’t washed daily, wash every 2-3 days or longer if you can deal with it. There’s no better moisturizer than your natural oils. By day 3 it’s time for ponytails and buns on day 4.

You can find these products online or at your salon. Always ask your stylist for recommendations and about new products.

Holiday Salon, Costa Mesa California

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