The Secret to Wearing Animal Prints


Many ladies out there think they can’t wear leopard but that simply isn’t true. The secret to wearing animal print is to keep in mind Leopard is a classic print that functions as a neutral.

There are so many ways to incorporate animal print into your daily wear. The easiest first step for newbies are accessories like a leopard print clutch or scarf.

If you want to kick it up a notch leopard shoes are terribly chic and add a dash of sexy appeal to any outfit. 

Leopard flats

If you want to stand out a leopard print dress or coat will most certainly make people take note. Leopard is timeless so feel free to splurge! You will get your monies worth. 

leopard street style

  • Leopard and plaid
  • Leopard and Lace
  • Leopard bag
  • Classic leopard clutch
  • Leopard coat over pastel
  • Leopard overcoat and denim
  • Leopard handbag
  • Leopard heels and YSL handbag
  • Chanel inspired
  • Leopard belt and plaid blazer
  • Leopard flats for everyday
  • Silk leopard dress
  • Leopard scarf and striped tee
leopard heels

  • Leopard Heels with YSL handbag
  • Valentino Rock Stud in Leopard with Shorts
  • Leopard Heels with Patch Denim
  • Leopard Heels with Skirt
  • Leopard Pumps with Yellow Pants
  • Leopard Heels with Cape
  • Leopard Heels with White Denim
  • Leopard Heels with Distressed Denim

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