Maximize Your Wardrobe by Organizing Your, Closet 10 Minutes A Day

If you can’t see it you won’t wear it, Get organize and give your garments the best chance to be worn.

Step one! Sort all your garments first by type and then by color. This may sound over board to some but do it, you will be so thankful to finally have a full inventory of what you already own. From here you can figure out what you need and go shopping!

Curtains Instead of Doors

Swap out sliding doors for bi-folding doors. If you don’t have a walk-in closet sliders only let you see one half of your wardrobe at a time.  Expand your view by swapping out sliders with bi-folds, if that’s too pricey consider panel curtains.

Stack Sweaters

Fold and stack sweaters no higher than 10 inches, it’s too hard to grab the one you want if the stack is too high. Bulky sweaters go on the bottom so the stack doesn’t become top heavy and fall over.

No Slip Velvet Hangers

All hangers should be one color, simply put it looks tidy. No slip velvet are the best, they keep garments in place and are thin so you can fit more. These can be found at Target or Costco.

Never let loose hangers back on the rack. Pull the garment and hanger completely out, and keep spare hangers organized either in another location or grouped in one area of your closet.

LED stick on lights

Let there be light! Battery powered stick on LED lights are great for lighting up those dark under shelving areas.

10 Minutes A Day

If this all sounds like too much work set reasonable goals. Spend 10 minutes a day organizing or purging for the next 30 days. You won’t believe how much progress you will make.

Turn a Bedroom into a closet

Get those handbags out of dust bags and put them on display. Stack clutches upright for easy access.

  • Display Your Bags
  • Rack Your Clutches
Shelve Your Shoes

Display shoes on shelves or clear plastic boxes.

Purge Tip

Not sure what to keep vs donate? Find out every 6 months...

  1. Face all hangers in the same direction.
  2. After wearing a garment replace the item back into the closet but hang the opposite direction.
  3. After 6 months remove any garments that aren’t turned. Those haven’t been worn in 6 months and are ready to purge.


  • DIY Scarf Organizer
  • DIY Double Hanger

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