How to Wear a Furry Vest

How to Wear a Fur Vest

Second most important tip is to wear it! Don’t treat your furry vest like a novelty or fancy garment strictly for evening and parties. Instead layer it a top of your everyday uniform day or night.

Your furry vest will look great over a sweater or a shear blouse paired with denim and booties or even flats. Wear it a top of a jean or biker jacket and go wild mixing textures like cable knits, cords and leather.

Furry vests hit a style trend a few years ago we are pleased to see they are still an effortless cool look that’s still very much in style. Now a days a good faux piece looks so real one can’t tell the difference which is all the more reason to hop on board this trend.

A couple of tips to keep in mind when shopping for your ideal vest is to first and foremost find the perfect length.

The most flattering length is slightly above or just at the hip. Any longer than that and one risks looking like an over-stuffed yeti with wide hips. But if you have thin hips then go for it.

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