How to Mix and Match Color

Today’s Inspiration is Pink and Red!

We found this image on the internet and I had to give it a try. We love this stand out color combination because its totally unexpected especially on a Monday morning.

Why does it work? An excellent question easily explained by the color wheel, these two colors pink and red appear next to each other. Here's how it works...

June 30, Inspired today in Pink & Red
3 simple rules to using a color wheel

Feel free to combine colors with these simple rules in mind:

Rule 1 - Any two colors directly across, such as Orange and Blue.
Rule 2 - Any 2 colors side by side, such as Red and Pink.
Rule 3 - Any 3 colors in a quadrant, side by side or adjacent.

  • Rule 1: Any two colors directly across
  • Rule 2: Any 2 colors side by side
  • Rule 3: Any 3 colors in a quadrant
  • Rule 3: Any 3 colors in a quadrant

To be clear, this isn’t a suit. The blazer, trousers and sandals are different shades of pink over a red blouse. All pieces from Zara that I’ve collected over the years.

Understanding how to mix and match will expand your existing wardrobe. Find fresh ideas and inspiration to use what you already have.

Bookmark this page on how to use a color wheel, it will come in handy!

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