5 Tips for a Coco Chanel Inspired Weekend

What gal doesn’t love the simple chic style of Coco Chanel…It’s timeless, fun and comfortable. Use these tips to achieve your Chanel inspired weekend wear:

  1. Pearls and gold chains for jewelry, yep even over a T-Shirt
  2. Flower pins or floral sandals
  3. Fedora, Newsboy or Panama toppers
  4. Simple straight forward color combinations such as Black and White
  5. Nautical Stripes on top paired with wide Legged Trousers or Palazzo Pants cinched with a wide belt.

That’s it! There's no magic. When in doubt wear black and white, it always looks fresh. Shop for inexpensive tees and knits at H&M.com or Zara.com. With these simple tips there’s no reason you can’t look chic every day.

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