Avoid a Pool Party Meltdown with Summer Makeup Tips from CHANEL

Christina Clay, President & Stylist In Charge of StyleCliques.com with Kalyd Odeh, Chanel National Makeup Artist

pool party makeup tips

Avoid a pool party melt down with professional makeup tips directly from Chanel’s National makeup artist Kalyd Odeh. Not to mention, Kalyd’s sister is a water aerobics instructor by trade so he gets direct honest feedback on what really works for active women.

gel based eyeshadow

Chanel’s gel based water resistant eyeshadow is soft and shimmery. Not only great for the pool but also works perfectly in heat. Stays on for long lasting color, use it as shadow or eyeliner.

  • Shimmer Gel Eyeshadow
  • Shimmer Gel Eyeshadow
Gel Eyeshadow
skip the eyeliner

Instead of eyeliner use mascara on the upper lash line. Nothing on bottom except gel eyeshadow. Use an angled brush to apply, dab the brush on the mascara applicator. What you end up with is a perfectly framed lid, looks way better than liner and doesn't run. Try this trick once and you will incorporate into you daily makeup routine.

Use an Angel Brush to line eye with Mascara

Yes you need eyebrows even at the pool! Use a pencil because they are waxed based, and lay it on thick but never touch or it will smear! BTW, just learned this...eyebrows should be sisters not twins! Don't stress out trying to make them perfect clones, it's not possible even for the pros.

Get your jglow on

The secret to Jennifer Lopez’s shimmering bronze skin is Chanel's sheer illuminating bronzer. Made for the face, JLo mixes it into her body lotion and applies it all over! It evens out skin tone and the light reflections elluminate the skin.

Unless you have JLo cash, only apply it to the face with an acrylic wispy foundation brush. Mix it with cream blush (not powder) to highlight cheeks.

Foundation Brush
Simmer Bronzer
Kayld Odeh Preps Makeup for date night
Cream Blush
summer color

Natural shades on eyes work best with a bright lip. Pop with your favorite coral or pink lip. I love that this is how Kalyd envisions us ladies at the pool. Now that’s what I call Chanel poolside glam!

 Christina Clay, President & Stylist In Charge of StyleCliques.com with Jenifer Tea, Fashionista

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