How to Lose Weight Quickly After 40

Yes, thin people diet too. Please don’t ask me why I’m on a diet or tell me that I don’t need to diet. I look like I don’t need to diet because I in fact do diet! Make sense?

Especially now…things just aren’t the same after 40, like a light switch the body reacts and doesn’t react as it once did which makes losing weight seem like an impossible feat! If you want to kick your weight loss into high gear then try HCG drops.

Lose without excercise

In the beginning phases of HCG diet exercise is not allowed. You won't be consuming enough calories for anything more than light yoga or walks. Of course exercise is important for overall heath, but more important is food. What you put in is what you get out. I became painfully aware of this fact when my body started to have severe reactions to certain foods.

The worst food you could possibly eat
I Hate Corn. Corn is not diet food.

The worst food one can possibly eat, CORN. After being diagnosed with a corn allergy I started reading food labels.

Have you noticed how frequently corn appears in prepackaged foods? Especially corn starch, corn syrup and vinegar (yes white vinegar is from corn), it’s quite alarming, is there a corn conspiracy?

Go to your kitchen right now and read ingredient labels you will be surprised.

Oh, and corn oil can be found in lotions and makeup as well. Why is that? What is it doing there!

I think that’s why the HCG diet works so well, if you stick to the diet plan all natural foods are required. Nothing prepackaged. I learned about HCG a couple of years ago and follow the diet once a year for two reasons 1) Get Slim Quick for Summer and 2) to Cleanse and Reset.

After 40 it’s so difficult to lose a few pounds, HCG diet targets fat reserves and will burn belly fat. Even the fat that’s been hanging around for years. You do have abs ladies….they are just under that layer of fat reserves. HCG and water will mobilize it.

Following this diet you can lose a pound a day, sounds unbelievable but true. I have only used homeopathic drops. The real deal HCG must be a prescribed by a doctor, but if you just want to lose a few vanity pounds the drops will work just fine.

I lost 8 lbs in 8 days. You can too, but you have to want it! Nothing worth doing is easy.

Of course this diet is not just for mature ladies, there is no age requirement. But if it works this well on over 40's I can only imagine how well it works for younger gals.

How to get started

Purchase HCG1234 drops online (Amazon has the best deal) or at some health food stores like Sprouts. Check out for instructions. I will also post as much info on our blog and some favorite recipes.

Today's tips
  • It’s important to get variety in your diet. If you are satisfied you will be less likely to cheat.
  • Stick to a daily food plan.
  • Eat before you get terribly hungry, when hungry one tends to over eat.
  • Don’t over eat even healthy foods.
  • You must count calories! Download an App to do that.
  • Plan and Prepare your meals in advance.
  • Don't eat anything that contains corn.
now sharing recipes
Bison burger with broccoli sprouts
Eggs Anytime

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