Fall 2014 Makeup Trends From CHANEL’s Kalyd Odeh

featuring Chanel's Ombres eyeshadow

What’s hot this season, bold eyes and bold lips! I know what you’re thinking…we’ve always been told bold eye soft lip and vice versa but not this season. Wondering how to pull it off? Well so was I but under the expert artistry of Chanel National Makeup Artist Kalyd Odeh it can be done.

Chanel 2014 Fall Color Palate. I’ll admit when Kalyd pulled these colors I was slightly in shock!

Chanel Fall 2014 Makeup Colors
Natural Foundation

The key to this trend is lightweight foundation that looks natural and flawless, not heavy. Achieved with Chanel’s newest technology CC Cream offering Complete Correction and sunscreen.

Squeeze a pea size amount on the back of your hand and apply it sparingly with a foundation brush a little at a time. Apply more only in those spot areas that need it.

Just a small amount at a time until your complexion is perfect yet with minimal product.

Brenda Law of Irvine, Makeup by Kalyd Odeh
CC CREAM by Chanel

Fellow Fashionista Brenda Law makeup by Kalyd looks flawless.

avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes

We've mention this before but the question keeps coming up. Don’t let your mascara run down your face. Everyone thinks the problem is mascara or there’s something wrong with their makeup but that simply isn’t true. The problem is your eye cream. It’s running down your face and causing mascara to run.

Daytime vs Nighttime eye creams must be different you can't use the same cream.

For night use super hydrating cream that corrects fine lines. For day use a gel hydration product because it will stay in place and won’t run. And only apply it to the ocular cavity, never the lid.

Why go through all the trouble of putting on makeup to let it run. The proper eye cream is a must. Apply it before CC Cream.

bold eyes
Eye Gel by Chanel

  • Chanel Eyeshadow
  • Chanel Eyeshadow
tips to applying a bold lip
Apply Lip Liner from corner to center

I’ll admit applying a bold lip can be scary, and there’s no doubt you won’t like it at first. A period of adjustment will be needed. Also, practice makes perfect. Don't be discouraged if it seems hard. Try a couple of dry runs over the weekend and use makeup remover to get out any stains.

First, before applying lip liner use concealer around the lip. This will create a barrier and help prevent leaks into cracks.

Second, apply lip liner from the corner of your mouth towards the center. This approach will leverage the natural curvature of your hand movement for easier application, and you will be less likely to mess it up.

Gal pal Donna Mestanza tries a bold lip for the first time.

Gal pal Donna Mestanza tries a bold lip for the first time. Don't be afraid, you go girl...looks great on you!

Michelle Feather tries Chanel's new Ombres Eyeshadow which features a vibrant, pigment-rich formula in palettes inspired by threads of Chanel tweed. 

Chanel Eyeshadow Ombres

This is a great reminder because I never seem to apply enough color to the bottom lid.

Michelle Heather tries a bold eye.
Enjoying a sip of Champagne at Charlie Palmer's, Bloomingdale's

Made up and enjoying a sip of champagne at Bloomingdale’s Charlie Palmer. Donna Mestanza, Christina Clay (President & Stylist In Charge of Style Cliques.com), Debbie Ford, and Michelle Feather.

key tips to pulling off this trend
  • Apply Dark shadow to the lid only, never beyond the crease.
  • Don't over due the mascara. Two coats of on top but barely coat bottom lashes.
  • CC Cream Foundation use it sparingly for the lightest coverage.
  • Frame the lips with concealer before applying bold lip color.

Remember that makeup trends just like clothing, and as seasons change we love to update our closets but often forget about makeup. Don’t go stagnate, freshen up your look with a professional consultation. We highly recommend Chanel at Bloomingdale’s and the expert styling of Kalyd Odeh. From skincare to makeup, get real answers to your problems or questions with tips that suit your lifestyle.

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