Your 5 Springtime Makeup Tips from CHANEL

Spring 2014 Chanel Makeup Event

New ideas for hair and makeup aren’t easy to come by and we can easily get stuck in a rut. That’s why I always look forward to the Chanel makeup events at Bloomingdale's for a fresh new look.

Today we got to meet Chanel’s newest National makeup artist Kalyd Odeh and he was exploding with

ideas and information.

National makeup artists fly all over the world to perform at Chanel runway shows and red carpet events. If you want the latest from Paris these guys are in the know!

Kalyd Odeh Chanel National Makeup Artist is full of tips and tricks
Here are a few noteworthy tips from Kalyd

Contour - Use Contouring powder to define the cheek bones and yes it must be contouring powder. I was mistakenly using bronzer which Kalyd pointed out is completely wrong. Bronzer is orange, specifically designed for a glowing sun kissed look, not contouring.

Cream Blush - During dry weather use cream blush instead of powder. There’s no reason to add powder to already dry skin. The cream will help keep your skin moisturized.

Foundation Cream – I was using two foundations, one for evening heavy flawless coverage and another for a light daytime look. Smart, huh? Nope, my daytime foundation never provided enough coverage. The answer, use one foundation cream and simply apply more in those specific areas that need it. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Blending Brush – I love smoky eyes and for that you need to blend, blend, blend…you can’t over blend.

Eye shadow blending

Melting Mascara or Eyeliner – The problem isn’t makeup, it’s your eye cream. Slick cream will cause mascara to run and eye shadow to crease. Use a daytime water or gel base eye cream and do not apply to the lid, only around the eye cavity.

Chanel Makeup Guide

It's impossible to retain all this information. Chanel sends you home with a guide so that you can recreated the same look at home, or attempt to anyways.


We intentionally did not touch up or filter these photos in anyway, this is just what great make up looks like!

Christen Reynolds in Chanel Makeup at Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza

Love this pink lip, perfect for spring.

Christina Clay, President & Stylist In Charge of and Christen Reynolds in Chanel by Kalyd Odeh

We also got an excellent lesson in eyebrows! Where to start, where to stop and what color is best on you.

I’ve always been impressed with Chanel’s National artists and Kalyd did not disappoint. This meeting was packed full of useful advice. There’s no charge for a session by the way…they don’t need to, you will be so thrilled with the results you will want to buy everything!

Check in with your nearest Bloomingdale's for the next Chanel Makeup Event. They are usually 3 to 4 times a year at the start of each season.

Bloomingdale's at South Coast Plaza

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