These Feet Don’t Hurt! Essential Heels by Vince Camuto


We aren’t lying these feet don’t hurt! Essential Heels by Vince Camuto

Our secret to painless yet beautiful feet that can stand walk and dance all night are Vince Camuto’s Peppa strappy platform sandal.

I’m totally addicted to the Peppa sandal since purchasing my first pair in April this year to roam the streets of New Orleans for Jazz fest. I knew there would be a lot of walking involved and my YSL’s were simply too good for this outing. I wanted something comfortable, budget friendly that I didn’t have to worry about yet attractive. These sandals most certainly delivered.

Inspired by YSL tribute heels I believe these are more comfortable. I’ve worn these on many trips. They look great day or night and the nude color is always flattering to lengthen legs. Not only that my boyfriend nearly flipped when he thought I bought another pair of YSL’s! True…men can easily be fooled but I’ve even received compliments of the same from ladies.

I loved them so much I literally wore them out and just received another pair today! Oh how I missed you Peppa, so glad to have you back. These are a must try for any fashion sensible lady.


What makes them so comfortable? The shape of the 1 inch platform and ankle straps that secure the shoe to your foot makes them easy to walk in and work like little shock absorbers.

Vince Camuto

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