Uncomfortably Casual Office Mistakes

Uncomfortably casual office mistakes

Since the weather heated up so have the style offenses at the office. Business causal is a great work benefit but can cause a lot of confusion on what’s acceptable.  Here are a few observations that must stop!

Jeresey Maxi Skirts and dresses need to stay home

First of all it’s just too causal. Maxi's are for the beach, pool or a casual afternoon on your day off. I noticed a girl at the office in a full maxi dress and nude flat sandals. Not only did she look like she was going to the beach, but from a distance she looked barefoot. Not a good look to don at corporate headquarters.

Second, don’t think that because you are fully covered we can’t see anything. We see it all! Cheap jersey is thin…it clings to the body and moves with your skin. It looks like an 8.0 earthquake is happening under there. We like jersey for wrap dresses and not much of anything else at the office.

flip flops

Please stop wearing flip flops to the office. There’s really nothing more to be said about that.

backpacks are for camping

When did it become okay to wear camping gear to the office? Then answer...never. Backpacks are a new trend in handbags, usually worn slung over one shoulder. Here are a couple good examples of that trend…

Backpack by Tory Burch
Purple Leather Backpack by Zara.com

Cute right? If your backpack is from REI then don’t wear it to the office. Those are for camping and outdoor activities. Instead if you have a heavy load to carry try a roller bag or a large city bag, Zara has some stylish affordable options. The other day I witnessed a gal wearing a large camping backpack atop her business attire, slacks and a button down shirt. The pack was filled to the gills, so she was carrying fruit and some zip lock bags filled with food in her hands. Apparently her backpack wasn’t large enough to carry her lunch. I wonder why no lunch bag?

A woman’s femininity has power which should never be under estimated. Leverage that power, dress for the job you want and not the job you have.


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