Less is More, How to Dress Petite

First and foremost…are you petite? It’s important to recognize that while most petites are 5’4″ and under, proportion plays an important role, too. If you can answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions, a petite size will most likely fit best:

    1. Are blazers and outerwear baggy in the shoulders and too long in the sleeves?
    2. Are regular-size tops usually baggy in the shoulders, too long at the waist and too long in the sleeves?
    3. Are the leg (inseam) and rise (from the waistline to the crotch) in regular pants too long? Do they need to be shortened to fit you appropriately?
    4. Are skirts loose-fitting in the waist and too long in length?
    5. Are dresses usually baggy on top and too long in length?

Now that we have that settled, let’s talk shop. It can be challenging to find clothing that will fit your frame and pull together outfits with the right balance and proportion. Here are a few shopping and outfitting tips for you…

Hi, I'm Petite

Where to Shop:

  • Talbots.com – This store has great petite clothing sections. Perfect for business casual attire or weekend wear.
  • AnnTaylor.com – Their collections of petite dresses are to die for! They also have tailored jackets and quality denim.
  • Nordstrom.com – Beautifully cut dress pants and flirty sweaters come in a variety of colors and textures.
  • OldNavy.com – Sold online only Old Navy has clothing specifically designed for the petite gal.
  • BananaRepublic.com – Is known for great fitting trousers.
  • Bodenusa.com - Has an excellent collection of petite styles for the office and for fun.
OldNavy for Petite
Eva Longoria's Petite Style

How to wear it:


  • Monochromatic: similar shades from head to toe will lengthen the body.
  • Tailor your clothing: fitted or semi-fitted clothing looks best on you. Avoid bulk. It will make you appear short and heavy. Your best friend is your tailor! Spend a bit extra on tailoring to ensure proper fit in all the right areas.
  • Become a high heel queen: slim stilettos or platform heels look great on you. Pointy toe or nude heels elongates the leg. Stay away from chunky heels.




  • Avoid oversized bags: these can drown a petite woman. Keep your bag medium and smaller with minimal details.
  • Keep hems above the knee: skirts are always above the knee and never below the knee unless it’s to the floor.
  • Wear Prints: don’t be afraid to wear prints but keep away from big ones that will overwhelm, instead seek out tiny prints.

With these tips you will look stylish and polished. It’s important for petite women to always pay attention to garment details. For you, less really is more!   

  • Nude Heels appear to lengthen legs
  • Define the Waist
  • Nautical Skirt by BodenUsa.com

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