Style Tips from Burberry at Bloomingdale’s

style lessons from burberry at bloomingdale's - newport beach, ca

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Wear your trench buttoned up or open. The lapels can be buttoned down as well. All Burberry trenches have special zig zag stitching on the collar that allows them to stand up. The lightweight fabric is perfect for light Southern California weather, some trenches have a removable lining to bulk up in colder climates. A classic trench is perfect for traveling, it’s light weight and looks chic day or night.

burberry's secret to a standing collar
Burberry's Secret to a Standing Collar

OMG hello cutie!

If you’re trying to get your man to grow up and get a little stylish this is a super easy yet masculine outfit. I don’t know any man who would object to a cool slick looking jacket over a soft tee shirt.

We get questions all the time on style for men, this is the answer!

  • Well Hello
  • Ta Da!
  • Yes ma'am

  • Burberry Plaid Skit and Knit Sweater
  • Burberry colors are flattering on any complextion

  • Totally Nautical this short trench is layered over red checked shirt, all by Burberry
  • Take me serious

  • Styled with an open collar and tied at the waist
  • Burberry Jacket layered over a striped tee and jeans
  • Styled buttoned up and belted in the back
style tip

Tie the waist band around back. It will gather up any loose fabric for a more polished and fitted look.

  • This trench looks tailored when the belt is tied around back
  • Wear it unbuttoned but collar always flipped
  • Tie up the belt around back
  • Burberry layered over red checked shirt
burberry looks by style cliques - wearable weekend chic

  • Knee High Socks with Burberry Rain Boots
  • Mistletoe
  • Burberry Scarf
  • Burberry Kimono

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