Fashion is Energy at the DVF Wrap 40 Exhibit

Make a Gal Pal Date and visit the DVF wrap 40 dress exhibit 

I’ll never forget one of my first dress purchases was a black wrap dress. As a young lady on a tight budget I needed a dress that was versatile, something to wear to work or on a date. I found a perfectly fitting wrap dress from Banana Republic and pretty much wore it out!

That was many years ago but based on my experience I can certainly understand how Diane Von Furstenberg

created a long lasting career leveraging the simplicity of the wrap.

The design is flattering on any body shape and never goes out of style. That became evident while viewing DVF dresses at her 40 year celebration exhibit in Los Angeles where a dress created in the 1970’s displayed immediately next to a 2014 creation looked just as chic and in style.

  • DVF Wrap Dress Red Lips
  • DVF Wrap 40 Exhibit Los Angeles
  • Christina Clay, President and Stylist In Charge at
  • DVF Wrap 40 Exhibit Los Angeles

The wrap dress certainly is something to celebrate. Now extended thru May 1 we suggest making a date to view the DVF exhibit while you can. Browsing these dresses will get you fired up for some shopping so after the exhibit head over the DVF shop on Melrose. Click here for Wrap 40 exhibit details

  • Diane Von Furstenberg 40 year Wrap Dress Exhibit
  • DVF Wrap 40 Exhibit Los Angeles
  • Christen Reynolds joins DVF Exhibit
  • DVF Wrap 40 Exhibit Los Angeles
  • DVF Wrap 40 Exhibit Los Angeles
Letter from Vogue to Diane

  • Young Model Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Feel Like a Woman, Wear a Dress! Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Diane Von Furstenberg wears her Signature Leopard Wrap Dress
  • Diane Von Furstenberg on a Ducati

If you aren’t into the designer price then be sure the check out for their online exclusives.

Christen Reynolds and Christina Clay
Christin Reynolds and Christina Clay, Stylist in charge of

  • Banana Republic Wrap Dress
  • Banana Republic Wrap Dress
  • Banana Republic Wrap Dress

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