Don’t Get Dressed…Get Stylish

i resolve to accessorize in 2014

A handbag, scarf or earrings can quickly transform an outfit from boring to stand out. Why accessorize? Oh there are a few good reasons!

Buying accessorizes will save you money. The more accessories, the fewer clothes you will need. Every week I wear the same 2 dresses to the office but they look totally different depending on how they are accessorized. No one notices the clothing repeats and believes I have a huge wardrobe!

You will look polished and complete. My girlfriend couldn’t quite put her finger on it and asked what does this outfit need? I quickly responded, a belt. She threw one on and wow what a difference it made.

They make you feel good! I love picking up something special while on vacation. A hat or scarf is an instant reminder of a place or journey. A pleasant memory can help you get through a challenging day.

Accessorizing can take an outfit from day to night or completely change the overall look. You can go from preppy to sexy in seconds. I tend to spend a little more on an accessory that I really want because it will last a lifetime.

And that’s why we resolve to accessorize in 2014!


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